About Us

The Association is a group that funds and supports projects designed to make a profit and a difference in the world.

The funding for the first 4 projects are in place and those 4 projects are set to beta launch very soon. If you have a project that needs funding and is designed to make a positive difference in the world we would like to hear about it.

How This Works

The members of "The Association" each pay a $15 monthly membership fee to help fuel projects that can turn us a profit and benefit society. With 4000 positions that gives us nearly $60,000 every month to invest in sound projects that will benifit us and the world. The first four projects have been funded and should soon make all of The Association members a profit over and above their membership dues. In fact, the projections for these projects can be found on our Projections Page and will show that The Association has the potential to make all of it's members a substantial income.


Yiggiy Games - Free Games

Free games with huge prizes, short routes to success and raises money for charity.

FUNdraising Wheel - Rewards Program

The FUNdraising Wheel provides money for charity and exciting prizes for shoppers.

The Life Changing Challenge - Support

The trivia game you don't have to be smart to win, you just have to pay attention. Free to play and hilarious.

Contact Details

Telephone: 1+(855)937-2396
Email: admin@theassociation.website
Website: http://theassociation.website

The Association
Make checks or money orders out to:
Fundraising Wheel LLC
PO Box 6
Darwin, MN 55324-0006
United States

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